Crafted furniture for your child
Crafted furniture for your child
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How did we create our first learning tower. Our story.

A brand that creates not just furniture, but gives development to children and free hands and time to their mothers.

The idea was born in 2016, in the kitchen of the Kiev apartment.
“I came to visit the godfathers and went to the whole theater around my little goddaughter, who at that time was not yet a year old. The baby demanded a lot of attention, trying to reach the table. And my mother was cooking dinner, holding it with one hand. I realized that she is very interested and she feels involved in the process when she is sitting on her mother's arms or standing on a chair. How much happiness the child had in her eyes when she felt equal with adults. When she didn’t need to go on her socks to see what was going on in the kitchen, she was involved in the process. But there was a problem: the whole family was involved in the kitchen. Dad held her by the table. Mom was cooking. And then I thought: and if there was some kind of fence, so that the child was safe, but at the same time he had his own freedom. I really wanted to help my friends and make the life of the goddaughter more interesting and on an equal basis with adults. I began to read, look for what children's chairs are and did not find anything suitable. I decided to go on the other side and began to study free development. And I was just in awe of the Montessori training system. The main idea is an independent free development within the established boundaries. And I thought it was but - I need a chair with borders. Thus was born the first draft, and then a real wooden giraffe 🦒 chair — a real helper, or rather a helper. T to the same chair was intended for my beloved goddaughter Yana. And the giraffe was her favorite animal. Since then, she began to conquer all the home peaks)) she cooks with pleasure with her mother, brushes her teeth and even chooses her dress from any cabinet shelves)) ”Thus, all my friends and friends who at that time had small children became the first customers . Then I decided to try to place myself on the international site - and was surprised by the demand)) Over time, the giraffe 🦒 began to change not only the color for the interior, but also found its natural spots. We started to paint the chairs by hand. A giraffe has a friend elephant and the tower of Pisa. Then we just finished the assistant's chair in stool_column, added a chalk drawing board and an extra chair to it, if there are two kids or someone came to visit the kid. So, simply the desire to help the kume has become a favorite thing that we are developing around the world, freeing mom's hands and giving the kids space and a little extra freedom.